Another round of stimulus is coming!

Thanks to Governor Newsom, the Middle Class Tax refund will send $9 billion dollars to 23 million Californians who filed a 2020 tax return before October 15, 2021. Tax filers making less than $150,000 a year could get between $350 and $1050 dollars and Californians making up to $500,000 may receive a refund.¹

Many workers and families rebuilding after the pandemic have been shaken by rising costs. These dollars will help stabilize Californians so they can better pay for everyday necessities.

Although thousands of Californians have already received their stimulus payment, millions more are still waiting. Take a moment to thank Governor Newsom and urge him to quickly issue all refunds to Californians!

1. To find out exactly how much you qualify for please visit the California Franchise Tax Board’s website at