Tell Newsom: Families and workers need help now!

Governor Newsom recently released his updated budget for the state for next year. And while there are some great wins, struggling California workers, families and children need Governor Newsom to do more.

Governor Newsom has a long history of helping workers and families make ends meet. This is an opportunity to build on that legacy.

We are calling on the Governor to be bold and use the $97.5 billion budget surplus to send $2,000 payments to parents per child, make $255 the minimum CalEITC credit, to prevent low-income credits from being taken by the government to pay debts, and to fund tax credit outreach and free tax preparation at $15 million so low-income families can claim their credits.

Thank Governor Newsom for his leadership and urge him to keep fighting. Tell Governor Newsom to prioritize struggling California workers and families. California should target support for those who need it most.