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The latest numbers show that so far this year more than 3 million people have claimed more than $1.2 billion dollars! GSO’s single biggest campaign, CalEITC4Me, helps Californians file their taxes, claim their tax credits and maximize their refund. And as we wrap up this year’s campaign, we know our work made an impact in thousands of lives.

Our goal is to make sure as many people as possible know about and take advantage of the CalEITC. We get the word out in every way we possible: ads on bus shelters, in the news, at child care centers, on the radio, and much more. We work to raise awareness and connect Californians with resources that put money back in their pockets.

CalEITC4MeSome of the highlights of this year’s campaign include:

  • 601,000 visits to our website
  • 499,000 1-on-1 interactions out in the community (with help from our valued grantees and community partners)
  • 2 million text messages sent to potentially eligible Californians
  • 2.08 million flyers distributed and mailers sent
  • 52 million impressions across print, radio, TV, out-of-home, web, and social media channels
  • 1,300 in-person events
  • And much more than we can outline here!

And it works. We know from state data that this outreach helps eligible Californians file their taxes and claim their credits.

GSO is always advocating to make it better for low-income Californians. We want everyone who is eligible to claim tax credits like the CalEITC. More work is needed to reach families struggling to make ends meet.

Golden State Opportunity

Tax credits are a proven solution to reducing the number of people living in poverty. We will continue to explore more ways to reach communities and individuals. GSO advocates to end poverty by connecting individuals with resources to build financial stability… and we won’t stop.


Learn more about the CalEITC4ME campaign.