Guiding Principles

Our approach is grounded in four guiding principles. This is how GSO works to make our vision to end poverty a reality.

Build Power Through Community

Build Power Through Community

GSO alone won’t end poverty. We need a diverse, broad, and powerful community of local, state, and national organizations, community and elected leaders, and individuals to make ending poverty a reality.

Operate with Transparency and Trust

Operate with Transparency & Trust

A powerful community cannot scale without trust at its core.
GSO says what needs to be said and shares both our decisions and our decision-making processes.

Be Bold

Be Bold

We will not be limited by what is easy or quickly implemented. We will leverage community power to enact bold transformative change.

Guiding principles

Risk, Reflect, Review

GSO will take each failure as an opportunity to learn, recalibrate, and integrate those lessons learned into our plans to end poverty.