The Problem

Too often, anti-poverty solutions are dismissed because many think poverty is the result of irresponsible decisions or a lack of hard work. But being poor is not a personal failure.

Policymakers and powerful interests ignore the reality that our economic system is stacked against low-income families. If you have a full time job you should be able to pay for food and rent! It is not acceptable for the minimum wage to be $7.25 for 13 years!

It’s time to take action.

What’s Worked

Policy responses to the COVID-19 pandemic prove we can end poverty. Stimulus checks, extended unemployment benefits, and expanded SNAP benefits dramatically reduced poverty rates when people were the most vulnerable.

Child poverty went down 30 percent because of the expanded Child Tax Credit alone. Time after time, families and individuals used these expanded benefits to pay for food, rent and utilities.

What’s Next

Unfortunately, these pandemic programs were only temporary and people are already returning to deep poverty as they battle the rising costs of basic needs.

It is infuriating that we know how to end poverty right now for more than 3.7 million children but policymakers won’t act.
At GSO, we believe no one should struggle to earn living wages or provide housing, healthcare, and healthy food for their family.

Governments at the federal, state, and local levels hold the keys to perpetuating poverty or ending it, and we must hold them accountable. Join GSO as we take action to end poverty.

Take Action