Organizing fellows at work

Organizing Fellowship

GSO’s Organizing Fellowship is an opportunity for aspiring leaders in nonprofit, anti-poverty, or advocacy work to gain critical organizing and leadership skills.

Fellows apply these skills to recruit, train, and manage volunteers in their own region, and use our peer-to-peer texting platform to engage with millions of people about federal, state, and local benefits that they may be eligible to receive.

Fellows graduate not only with practical skills and knowledge, but as a part of a network of passionate leaders in the anti-poverty workspace. As part of the program, fellows regularly meet with GSO leadership to learn about nonprofit, anti-poverty, and advocacy careers.

Fellows are part-time, remote, temporary employees. Fellowships run for 5 months at a time, with 1-2 cohorts per year. Applications are accepted during select periods throughout the year.




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When we are accepting applications, a link will be made available on this page.

“I’m doing this fellowship with GSO because I believe in their mission of ending poverty. I also want to do anything I can to end poverty as someone who comes from a single parent low income household. I know first hand how hard it can be growing up in poverty. I know how much my mom could have benefitted from the CalEITC. I know the work we do here is important. I want to be able to end poverty in my community and this is one of the ways I’ve committed to doing so.”
– GSO fellow Linda Garcia

GSO fellow“The fellowship program at GSO is creating a legacy of young people dedicated to building professional and organizing skills to become leaders in this work. Not only do the fellows focus on community outreach and building a solid network of hard working volunteers, but they’re exemplifying what it means to put action behind the mission of ending poverty.”  

– Emily Blocher, Fellows Lead