Ben JealousFor Ben Jealous, current President of People for the American Way and one of four new members of the Golden State Opportunity Board, movement work is a family tradition.

Jealous’s grandmother Mamie Todd was a powerful leader in the war on poverty staged in the 1960s and one of the first black women to find themselves in this role. Her grandfather, in turn, was a leader in the 1880s pushing for free childhood education. Five generations later, Jealous has continued the fight, having served in the past as the youngest-ever president and CEO of the NAACP and 2018 Democratic nominee for governor of Maryland.

“For me, my work is an extension of our family’s tradition of fighting to end poverty in this country,” Jealous said. “We need to make sure America is the land of opportunity for all, not just some.”

Jealous’s focus has been on helping to advocate for more inclusive government policies, building up businesses to provide employment to more Americans, and helping build social movements.

“It’s all about showing that our nation is as good as its promise of liberty and justice for all,” he said.

Ben Jealous said one of his main goals as a GSO board member is to help GSO expand outside of California and build a strong financial foundation.

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