Angelo FarooqDr. Angelo Farooq was raised by a single mother in a loving, but poverty stricken, household in the Inland Empire, and from a very young age he knew he wanted to help people and–most importantly–give back to a community that nurtured him.

“I always knew I wanted to come back home to stay connected with those who mentored me and raise a family,” he said. “ I wanted to give back. I always wanted to be involved in the community.”

Farooq started his path toward philanthropy and community service serving as a student board member in high school and youth advisory representation for the County Board of Supervisors, which g led to many more opportunities.

Now, he is an entrepreneur and the UC Riverside Director of Economic Development & Innovation. He also serves as Chairman of the California Workforce Development Board (CWDB) and Vice President of the Board of Education for the Riverside Unified School District.

In 2019, he was appointed to co-chair CA Treasurer Fiona Ma’s Housing, Economic Development, Job Creation & Opportunity Zone Advisory Committee. He is also an appointee on State Controller Yee’s Council of Economic Advisors.

He was immediately interested in the mission of Golden State Opportunity and the CalEITC when he learned about it, imagining how much an impact the tax credit could have had on his hard-working mother.

Beyond that, now he has another person to think about: his daughter. Farooq said being involved with GSO is one way for him to work toward a better future for her.

“I just think nobody operates in a vacuum,” he said. “Whether we recognize that or not, that’s the reality. The more that we are connected to each other and the more we’re understanding each other’s needs, that’s how communities thrive and that’s the foundation of civic society. GSO works to give power back to the community. It’s not about band aids or patchwork solutions. It’s about how we empower communities and financial mobility to families so they can succeed.”

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