“Finally, we have a clear plan to to protect workers and address some of the severe injustices that have pushed so many people of color into poverty, both during COVID-19 and before the pandemic began. Having seen the life-changing impact of the EITC firsthand, we commend President-elect Joe Biden for his proposal to expand and increase vital tax credits to provide larger tax refunds to more Americans.

Yet with so many families in crisis indefinitely, Congress needs to go above and beyond the President-elect’s plan. People who work hard and pay taxes should be receiving federal relief. Period. Our budget reflects our national values, yet there is no funding set aside for those who are most vulnerable in this pandemic. It’s time for our country to show the millions of immigrants who care for us, feed us, and do essential work every day that we value their lives, too. There is no room for holes in our safety net during this critical time.”

CONTACT: Aonya McCruiston