Everyone Deserves to Live with Dignity!

But far too many people work hard and yet still can’t afford to cover rent, food, and other basic needs. At GSO, we believe everyone should have enough to cover their basic needs AND build financial stability. If you agree, sign on today to show your support.

We’re working non-stop to make sure that the nation’s most successful anti-poverty program – the federal Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) – puts more money in folks’ pockets and is available to all low-income workers and families. These dollars make a real difference, helping pay for big expenses like dental work, new appliances, and fixing the car. And that’s just one of many anti-poverty programs we’re working on.

If you believe everyone deserves to live with dignity and should be able to cover their basic needs, sign on right now to show your support. We’ll keep you updated on our campaign to improve the EITC and all our work to end poverty.