Help protect California’s most vulnerable residents

Every year, millions of Californians rely on the state’s tax credit programs, like CalEITC, the Young Child Tax Credit, and the Foster Youth Tax Credit, to make ends meet. In fact, at GSO, we hear over and over again about how critical they are for the state’s lowest income residents.

That’s why it’s so important that state leaders protect and maintain safety net reserves and anti-poverty programs in the state budget that so many of our most vulnerable residents rely on.

We applaud Governor Newsom for his commendable attempt to balance our state’s finances while preserving some core programs that support working families. While difficult decisions must be made to address the budget deficit, our leaders must remember their responsibility to avoid cuts that jeopardize the economic security of families already struggling with rent, gas and food expenses.

Please urge Gov. Newsom and the state legislature to protect and maintain safety net reserves and anti-poverty programs, including preserving $20 million for Free Tax Preparation Assistance (FTPA), Education and Outreach (E&O), and Individual Tax Identification Number (ITIN) Application Assistance.