Housing is a Human Right!

1 in 4 renters pay more than half their monthly income on housing, according to census data. Increased rents, along with other costs have skyrocketed in recent years, leaving the communities scrambling to find affordable apartments and houses. The US needs approximately 7 million more affordable rentals and homes today to fix the problem. Lawmakers have been slow to act and this has spiraled into a full-blown housing crisis.

The lack of action has made it even more difficult for people to get the support they need and deserve. In fact, 75% of people who qualify for a housing voucher can’t get one or spend years on a waiting list due to underfunded programs (CBPP, 2021).

We need immediate changes that will ensure no one has to pay half their paycheck just to keep a roof over their head. Sign on today to show that housing affordability must be a top priority for decision-makers. GSO will keep you updated on our legislative efforts to make housing affordable and on all our work to end poverty.