Let your Representative know you Support Fixing the EITC

The EITC is one of the most effective tools for reducing poverty and increasing the labor supply.And it’s an effective way to put money back into the local economies. However, every year, nearly 7 million workers ages 18-24 and 65+ with no dependents are excluded from receiving the EITC, simply because of their age. Despite the fact that seniors and young workers are the fastest growing age groups in the labor force experiencing high rates of poverty.

We applaud Congressmembers Judy Chu and Gwen Moore who introduced the EITC Age Parity Act, and the six other members of Congress who have already signed on as cosponsors. These champions understand that it is past time for us to Fix the EITC. Still, most members of Congress haven’t signed on yet and we need to make sure they know people in their districts expect them to get on board!

If you are represented by one of the champions who sponsored or co-sponsored the bill so far, please send them a big Thank You for their leadership. And if your representative still hasn’t signed on, let them know it’s not too late to sign on and support seniors and younger working people.

Want to know if your Representative supports fixing the EITC? Enter your information in the form to find out if they have signed on and get sample language for sending your letter depending on their status.