Urgent Action Needed: Protect critical programs that help low-income Californians

Millions of people and families in California face poverty every day, struggling to make ends meet in a state where the cost of living is just so high. That’s why the CalEITC and other tax credits for low income people and families are so important: they’re California’s best tools to help keep people out of poverty.

But the critical programs that underpin the CalEITC and other tax credits and make them so successful are facing deep cuts this year with the state‘s expected budget shortfall. Right now we have a crucial opportunity to protect these programs with a bill being considered in the Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee.

Assembly Bill 2191 (Santiago) would ensure that qualified nonprofits and local government agencies can continue to successfully reach more eligible working families and individuals with low incomes by expanding tax credit outreach and education and free tax assistance to Californians.

The Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee is considering the bill now. Millions of Californians are counting on them to vote to move this critical legislation along and we need to make sure they do the right thing.

Tell the Assembly Revenue and Taxation Committee to protect and expand programs to help people with low incomes access the support they need and pass AB 2191.